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converter 1.5

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Avance Logic / Realtek
Creative Labs
Gravis Ultrasound

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converter support

general drivers + older operating systems

Here's some files and links which may be useful when setting up or maintaining an older computer.

A good resource for legacy drivers in general, in Finland - a good place to start.

Metropoli Driver Archive

Looking for a dos bootdisk? Found an old 486 on the street and looking for installation disks for DOS? Click below. Even Windows 1.0 is here!

PeteWeb - Old Operating systems

An alternative is FreeDos, an open source royalty-free implementation of MS-DOS. We haven't personally tested converter on FreeDos, however it should most likely work as this project is quite mature at this point.



mouse drivers and support

An alternative generic DOS mouse driver, which is opensource, is cutemouse. Small memory footprint, it can auto-scan serial and PS/2 ports, and it even supports wheelmice.

CuteMouse at SourceForge

Logitech also provides a DOS mouse driver which can be used with most pointing devices available, although it doesn't support USB devices.

Logitech Dos Mouse Driver

video cards and vesa drivers / support

If your video card isn't directly recognized or supported by converter, or you find converter's graphics performance to be slower than it would normally be, SciTech has released their Display Doctor program for free now. This is an extremely useful utility for older video cards, as it extends their functionality and can provide much faster graphics performance. This has been used to make converter's graphics operate up to performance expectations using the onboard video hardware on an old Dell Optiplex GXa tower.

Choose the file "SciTech Display Doctor 6.53-d" on the left-hand column. Be sure to make a note of the free registration code listed on the website. Unzip it, run the install utility included in the file under dos, go to the directory it was installed to and run register.exe to register the product using the free registration code from the scitech website. Then, run univbe.exe to load the driver in dos. If you would like it to be loaded automatically each time you boot your computer, place the command to run it ( ie. C:\SDD\UNIVBE ) in your autoexec.bat file.

SciTech's Display Doctor

soundcard drivers

The following files are provided as a supportive resource to help individuals needing configuration, initialization, or related utilities to enable a now unsupported soundcard to function under DOS for converter. This especially applies to soundcards which require bootup initialization in order to provide SoundBlaster Pro or SoundBlaster 16 compatibility modes.

The following drivers are meant primarily to get the particular card up and running under DOS only (in some cases Windows9x support is also included in the file). This archive is not meant to provide comprehensive support for the soundcards listed here - we are not hosting the complete range of drivers for these cards under every available operating system (such as later versions of windows, BeOS, etc) as there would be far too many files. Most of the drivers for these other operating systems can be found elsewhere on the Internet; our concern is to preserve the availabiility of drivers which are either no longer on the manufacturer's website (notably Creative Labs), or will most likely disappear from their websites soon.

Also, please note that we cannot provide technical support regarding the installation of the drivers provided below, as in most cases we do not own the cards.

Note that some SoundBlaster clones do not provide audio input. The following cards should function properly with converter, however not all of them have been tested and certainly are not guaranteed to work.

If you have any dos installation files for a soundcard which should be listed here (for example, you have used it successfully with converter) let us know.

If the driver you are looking for is not listed below, try these links:

Soundcard Drivers at
Soundcard Drivers at Elite Data Systems


Here is our mirror of some essential soundcard driver and support files useful for users of converter.


Avance Logic
DOS : WIN 9x

These cards, or cards based on the following chipsets (also under the name 'Realtek') are supposed to be register compatible ("100% hardware compatible") with the SoundBlaster 16 standard.

For additional drivers, click here to access Realtek's driver archive.

ALS-100, ALS-007 Installation files
ALS-100 Plus Installation files
ALS-120 Installation files
ALS-200 Installation files



Creative Labs SoundBlaster 16 / 32 / Awe32 / Awe64

The following self-extracting archives contain a few utilities, most notably diagnose.exe, which allows you to test and verify correct IRQ and DMA settings for the audio and mpu-401 ports on these cards. If your card is a P&P version, this should also assign the settings appropriately, or alternatively use the PnP Configuration Manager disk.

Follow the alternative soundcard driver links at the top of this page if you require a more complete range of drivers for these cards.

SoundBlaster 16 / Awe series ISA DOS utilities
SoundBlaster 16 / Awe series DOS PnP Configuration Manager
SoundBlaster 16 / Awe series basic DOS setup disk

If you are looking for information on setting the jumpers for non plug & play SoundBlaster cards, here are some quick references. Most of the various SoundBlaster cards of a particular family (SB-16, AWE-32, etc) share similar jumper configurations (especially for base address, MPU-401 base address, etc) so one of the following references should suit your card even if your particular SoundBlaster model number (ct-xxxx) doesn't match exactly.

SoundBlaster 16 & SoundBlaster 16 ASP (CT-1730 / CT-1740)
SoundBlaster 16 MCD & SoundBlaster 16 MCD ASP (CT-2239 / CT-2230)
SoundBlaster 16 Pro & SoundBlaster 16 Pro CSP (CT-2299 / CT-2290)

Awe-32 (CT-3900)


Ensoniq Soundscape
DOS : WIN 9x

Note that this card does not provide even SoundBlaster Pro audio compatibility, and thus will not function for audio input in converter. However, this card will provide MPU-401 midi support.

These drivers are provided simply because these were quite good cards, and the drivers are almost completely extinct in terms of availability on the Internet, since Ensoniq was (unfortunately) bought out by Creative Labs, and it seems there are few or no mirrors elsewhere.

Ensoniq SoundScape, SoundScape II, SoundScape Elite



DOS : WIN 9x : Other

For the time being, we will simply provide a link directly to ESS's driver page for their ISA AudioDrive range of SoundBlaster compatible cards, instead of mirroring the files on our server.

Note that the ESS-1688 AudioDrive doesn't require any driver to function with converter - it is hardware compatible with the SoundBlaster Pro series, and all its jumper settings are printed on the card itself.

ESS AudioDrive Drivers



Gravis Ultrasound
DOS : WIN 9x

For additional files not listed here, visit Advanced Gravis' soundcard driver download page (the soundcard files are at the bottom of the page, and there is a link to the full index of their ftp server at the bottom as well).

Gravis Ultrasound 'classic', Max, etc.

Full DOS Install and setup for GUS classic & Max
Quick Hardware Jumper settings for GUS classic, Max
Manual for GUS classic, Max in .pdf format
Win9x driver for GUS classic & Max (v. 1.2 Beta - final version)

Gravis Ultrasound Plug & Play / Pro etc.

Version 2.0 of GUS PnP install (may be required for DOS software)
Version 2.2 of GUS PnP install
Manual for GUS PnP in .pdf format



Roland MPU-401, MPU-IPC-T, LAPC-1

No actual driver files are needed in order to use Rolands line of ISA midi interfaces; however as many or most of their cards required setting jumpers in order to assign the interface's base address and IRQ number, the following document is provided for reference.

Roland installation & configuration guide for MPU-401 products (.pdf)